C. Alvarez Organeros is an Organ Builders Company, dedicated to the Building of new Pipe Organs, and the restoration and rebuilding of historical Pipe Organs.

Raised as an initiative of the European Centre for Business and Innovation (CEEI Aragón) in 1999 , the company’s work since then is based on three fundamental areas of Organ Building: the restoration of historic instruments, the building of new pipe organs and the manufacturing of the different mechanical elements which a pipe organ is composed of. A well formed team of highly specialized professionals guaranties the reliable execution and perfect completion of the different duties, and so with the high and steady quality of our work. For the correct development of the exigent work, the company counts with especially for the organ building designed installations.

Carlos M. Alvarez Organeros, S.L. is member of the ‘International Society of Organ Builders’ and classified as “Empresa Contratista de Servicios” in the Official Registry for Classified Companies (Restoration of Objects of Art)